Taking the Show on the Road

I’ve decided to embrace the fact that everyone seems to be on vacation or about to go on vacation or otherwise focused on anything except hiring me. I’m going to take a road trip. It might seem like I’m just running away from the reality of my life, but really I’m going to go visit some friends and family (or that’s how I’m describing it).

I’m going to head out next Friday. I’m pretty excited. The summer after college, my friend Kristin and I drove around the country. It was a fantastic adventure, and twenty years later I still enjoy boring anyone who will listen with stories from that trip. This will be a fraction of that trip. I’m basically driving down the east coast. Now that I think about it, the northeast was the one region of the country we didn’t visit on that trip. It’s like I’m completing that trip. Or something. At any rate, visiting Kristin is one of my first stops on this trip!

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