Same Old, Same Old

I haven’t posted much recently. Partly because I feel like a broken record, and partly because I think it’s probably not all that interesting to read my whining. The brightest spot of my week last week was getting a rejection phone call. And since they had let me know I didn’t advance past the first round of interviews several weeks ago, I wasn’t in any way surprised I didn’t get a job offer. It was a really thoughtful phone call, and the fact that I was excited to get it pretty much sums up how I’m feeling these days.

Everything seems to have ground to a halt. My guess is that now people are all distracted with the end of school and summer vacations. Some days I’m totally content with the fact that I have time off to enjoy this amazing weather we’ve been having and go for long bike rides and get yard work done. And other days I’m in full panic mode about how long I’ve been out of work.

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1 Response to Same Old, Same Old

  1. Rachel says:

    I can definitely understand the mixed feelings. Anyone would feel some degree of panic but I think it’s great you are able to enjoy the time off, too. Sometimes when you step back and think about how you’d want to be spending you time – being outside, time with family, bike rides, etc. all sound pretty great. It’s not by choice that you have this time to really live your life, but you still have it.

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