Hurry up and wait!

I had a flurry of interview activity over the past few weeks, and now I’m in limbo waiting to hear if I made it to the next round of any of them. The waiting game… I submitted a resume last week and got an out of office message saying that the guy was out until June 3rd with a whole list of who to contact regarding a variety of subjects. The job was not one of the subjects, so I contacted the woman listed for “anything else.” She replied that Jim was handling the hiring, and he’d look at resumes when he’s back. In 10 days. Clearly they’re not in a big hurry to get someone in that job. You’d think at this point I’d be used to the fact that everyone on the hiring side move so slooowwwllly. But I’m not.

I do feel pressure now to really take advantage of having time off. Some of that is because it does feel like the job market has picked up. And some of that is because the weather has been so nice lately! I’m working my way through my house project list and trying to be outside as much as I can. Oh, and still look for work!

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