Feels like the Tide is Turning

Well all of a sudden, things seem to be picking up. I had three interviews last week and have two more this week. The one tomorrow is a second interview following-up one of my phone interviews from last week. I’m a little nervous, because it’s a series of six interviews with 10 people. I’m worried about keeping my energy up while I answer what I’m guessing will be the same questions every 45 minutes, and then I have to take two excel tests (whatever that means) which they are allowing me 90 minutes to complete. Should be a fun time. But I think I’ll have a pretty good sense of the culture of the place and the people by the time I leave, so that’s something.

It does feel like their are more hoops to jump through with all of these. I just heard from another place I had applied to (five weeks ago) asking me to write a brief explanation of why I would be a good fit for a particular job and organization (which I thought was pretty well addressed in my cover letter) and take a knock-off Myers Briggs’ test online. My initial reaction to any extra homework potential employers ask for is always indignation at having to put more time in. And then I remember that I actually have a lot of time. And I need a job.

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1 Response to Feels like the Tide is Turning

  1. Rachel says:

    Those do seem like quite a few hoops. But I’m sure it’s all really good training for whatever interview will ultimately land you the job you want.

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