Telecommuting from wherever I am

The beauty of being unemployed is that you can work from anywhere! I just spent a week in SC, mostly near Charleston. I had one scheduled phone interview while I was there and ended up having a second one. The hiring manager for a job I had applied for and I had been playing phone tag all morning. So when she called back, I answered because I assumed she was calling to schedule a time for us to talk. I had left a bunch of options for times in my message to her. But she asked if I had a few minutes to talk right then, and for some reason, I said yes. Even though I was sitting on the beach at that moment! I actually think it went really well. Helped I’m sure, because I’ve had a fair amount of practice recently.

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1 Response to Telecommuting from wherever I am

  1. Rachel says:

    I often think that works out best – answering the phone. I tend to often let things go to voicemail and then it becomes “one more thing” to deal with. I know you’re saying something slightly different (that you answered thinking it would be about scheduling a time) but it’s great you said yes you had time right then to talk. Very powerful sometimes, that word.

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