Springing for Spring

We’re barely having spring-like weather here, but I think I might have spring fever. Or that’s how I’m labeling my complete lack of motivation this week. It sounds better than just saying I’m lazy.

Although I do think that I’ve become slightly more efficient, and I am getting more things done than it seems. Well, this is true where networking is concerned anyway. I’m making contacts and connecting with people and following up, blah, blah, blah. But as far as getting anything done around the house, and now that the weather’s better the yard too, lazy might not be a strong enough word.

At least once a week I have the realization that if I suddenly get a job, I’m going to be very annoyed with myself for all the things I left undone around the house. And then for maybe an afternoon I’ll have a flurry of activity. But it never seems to last long. When I was first laid off, I made a long list of projects to take care of. I’ve managed to check off an embarrassingly few of them. So I am publicly resolving that I will do at least one house project every day for the next week. Here’s hoping wanting to avoid being shamed will be enough motivation!

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2 Responses to Springing for Spring

  1. Gede Prama says:

    Your blog sounds interesting and inspiring .. hope to see more. Thank you for sharing and best wishes always … 🙂

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