File Under: Useless Information

I was reading an article over the weekend that said that there are employers who ask job applicants for their SAT scores — even if the test was taken years ago. I think my scores were actually fairly decent (by which I mean, good enough to get me into college <cough> a couple of years ago), but on principle I think it’s ridiculous that you would not consider hiring someone based on one test she took in high school. I don’t really want to say how many years ago that was for me, except that the article also said the test was harder before 1995. And I will admit that I took it when it was harder! It seems even stranger that a potential employer would look at SAT scores, when more and more college say they are placing less emphasis on them. I haven’t yet run into this with any of the jobs I’ve applied for. So far that algebra test remains the hardest (and least relevant) test I’ve had to take. And that might have been one time I’d rather have used a test score from high school.

In other news, The Onion nails it with some job hunting advice:,35621/



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