You work where?

On of the more interesting parts of job hunting has been discovering companies I never knew existed. I interviewed at a place with 200 employees (which is good-sized for a private employer in this area) that I had never heard of before. They’re a software company, and I guess don’t have many software developers in my social circle. I just was looking at a posting for a job at a company that claims it’s “a recognized leader in the production of rat and mouse monoclonal antibodies” (which apparently are used for scientific research). I’d never heard of monoclonal antibodies, let alone known there was a company a mile from my house that produces them.

I went to a job fair today. That’s the second one I’ve been to since I was laid off. I find them kind of depressing. The crowd is a mix of other out-of-work people my age and then super high-energy, over-achieving young whippersnappers about to graduate. But I smiled and shook hands and made small talk with recruiters. And tried to tell myself that was going to give me a edge in getting a job.

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