For a couple of hours yesterday I thought my job search was over. But then Harvard beat Cincinnati and there went my billion-dollar basketball bracket.

Most weeks I don’t really notice a difference in what day it is, or if it’s a weekend. But today really feels like a hard-earned Friday. Not that I worked anywhere near 40 hours this week, but I did have a couple of networking things every day. I had to set my alarm and get up before the sun three mornings in a row! That’s the most I’ve had to set an alarm in a week since I got laid off.  I’m sure you could argue that it’s a good thing for me to feel like I’m back on a “normal” (for me) schedule. I’ve gotten really spoiled about reverting to my body’s natural sleep schedule. I always thought of myself as an early-bird, but apparently that’s only when I have to go to a job. And for me, there’s something especially exhausting about all that smiling and small talking and trying to appear positive and enthusiastic but not desperate. I can’t wait til I can sleep in tomorrow!

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