The Physics of Networking

If networking were a game, I think I have now amassed enough points to be considered an expert. I’m starting to feel like I have tapped out on my connections. The people I’m having coffee with this week include a woman who worked 15 years ago worked at the ad agency that we used when I was working at a bank and a woman who goes to the same gym as my friend Susan. That’s right. I’m now having coffee with random people who who may have mentioned in passing as they climb on the spinning bike that they have a small marketing firm or their son does. My friends don’t even know the people they’re connecting me to at this point (keep passing along those names though!). 

Some days I feel like I’m amazing for all the networking I’m doing. Since you asked, I’m talking with five people this week (three so far), and I’ve been to two marketing networking gatherings. I also cleaned my tub this week. But if I think too long and hard about all the coffee I’m drinking with strangers it can backfire on me, and I get discouraged about having nothing to show for it (you know, a JOB). 

I’ve discovered that the less a person wants to sit down with me and the more they insist they have no connections, the more helpful they are! We’ll call that Amy’s First Law of Networking.

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