Daylight Comes

For the first time ever I’m not filled with rage about turning the clocks ahead. I like to run in the mornings, and when I was working this meant getting up around 6 am or so. In early March in Vermont we’re just to the point where it’s light out at that point. Turning the clocks ahead means that once again I’m having to run in the dark. But since I don’t have to be at a job right now, I’m able to sleep in. This year I was actually glad to turn the clock ahead. It had gotten to where I was waking up at 6:30 most mornings, because it was so light out. And since I’m currently staying up way too late on a regular basis, this was very frustrating! Not to mention that it’s been so ridiculously cold that I if I wanted the temperature to be at least double digits, I couldn’t go out running until late morning. It really served no purpose to be awake that early. I’m also realizing that I was so bitter about the lack of daylight in the morning, I never appreciated it in the evening in other years. It’s actually very nice!*

*I reserve the right to go back to hating Daylight Savings Time once I get a job.

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