And another thing…

I feel like at least once a day I start a sentence with “The most frustrating thing about looking for a job is…” And every time I list a different thing. So far I’ve discovered about 157 most frustrating things.

There’s such an ebb and flow to this whole job hunting thing. All of a sudden, job postings seem to have slowed to a trickle. It was school vacation here last week, so I’m assuming (hoping) that the reason for the drought is that people involved in hiring are out on vacation. Other people lacking a sense of urgency to hiring is near the top of my list. My #1 complaint is pretty consistent though. Number 1 would be people not getting back to me. I just think if you have me in for an interview, you should get back to me when you know you are not going to hire me, because you have say, decided to go in a completely different direction with the position. But that’s just me. Apparently. I guess maybe I might be at the top of a list of most frustrating things today!

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