Life on a Roller Coaster

Things have definitely started to pick up in terms of job postings, seeing results from all my networking coffee drinking, and me getting interviews. I have three in-person interviews this week. Shattering all previous records. I think I’m more excited to have them be in-person, than I am about the number of them. I totally understand the purpose of the initial screening interview with HR  where the questions are mostly of the “are you able to legally work in this country?” variety. But I’ve had a couple of phone interviews with the hiring manger that were full-on interviews. It’s so hard when you’re not face-to-face to get a good read on anything. Not to mention last week I had a phone interview where I could barely hear anything the guy was saying. I had to bite my tongue not to scream “Are you talking into the mouthpiece?!” because I’m pretty sure he wasn’t. That threw me off my game a little, to say the least.

With it seeming like more is happening it’s kind of hard to explain why I’m feeling more discouraged this week. It’s great that I’m getting interviews. But I’m tired of having to interview. Also, I’ve put on weight and my interview suit is VERY snug, which just makes me feel worse about it. Fortunately this is Vermont, and since most workplaces are so casual I don’t always feel like I need to wear it (which is also why I only own one suit!). Unfortunately tomorrow’s interview is in a more formal place, so I need to go see if the fact that I’ve been running regularly for two weeks (a recent record) and not indulging in chocolate all day has made a difference. 

The common feature of this week’s interviews seems to be using those predictive tests to screen me. For Monday’s interview I had to do a predictive survey, which took no time and seemed pretty apparent that they were screening broadly to see if you are a sociopath (I don’t think I am. But maybe that’s what I would think even if I were?). Friday I have to take a logic test with a “little essay part at the end” whatever that means. I was told to allow up to two hours for this. I’m irrationally annoyed by that (although pretty sure I can handle the essay part). I’m not even sure I’m all that interested in this job. But because I am in need of a job, I’m going to take their test. Anyway, it’s not like I don’t have the time. 

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