Keeping on keeping on

Another week of getting things done in fits and starts, with some rejection emails thrown in the middle.

I’m on fire with the networking now. And some of it seems to kind of be paying off in terms of job referrals. You’d think that would be the obvious outcome, but a surprising (to me) number of my coffee networking meetings end up just being me drinking a lot of coffee while yammering on about myself and trying to draw out useful advice or ideally more contacts from my coffee partner. I guess it’s like anything else. Some people are really good at these informational meetings. Some people are not. It’s a number game…

My job search activities have been somewhat interrupted this week by the fact that I’m finally motivated to get some things on my to do list of house projects checked off. For instance, I spent Tuesday afternoon sorting, labeling, and dating 20+ years of photos.  Random, I know. But it’s definitely something that’s been on many a to do list for years. The next step is to get some into albums. Well, really the next step is to get my sister to help me figure out dates a rather large pile of pictures of her kids were taken. There was about a five year period where it’s impossible to tell how old they are (and in some cases, who they are!). Also, my house is very clean right now. I just wanted everyone to know that.

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