Anybody hungry?

This week I have baked cheese straws, scones, and I just put a batch of what I think are going to be the most delicious cookies ever in the oven (hang on, I think I just figured out why I’m putting on weight). Baking is my favorite procrastination ploy. I’ve always really enjoyed baking. But I think part of the appeal of baking right now is that it gives me tangible proof that I have in fact accomplished something. Or at least it’s tangible until it’s eaten!

So to recap, so far this week my list of procrastination activities includes baking, doing my taxes, and folding and and putting away my laundry (which happens less frequently than me filing my taxes). And it’s only Wednesday. I have managed to get myself to a few networking opportunities, one of which turned out to not be a networking opportunity. I’m counting it anyway, because I dressed and left the house for it.

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