A Back-up to the Back-up Plan

My latest, greatest plan is to try freelancing. I have this idea that I’m going to get freelance work immediately. This will then either lead to a full-time job, or I’ll get so much freelance work that it will become my full-time job. Please keep in mind that I don’t yet have a single client.

Just the idea of freelancing is exciting to me. Working on materials to hand potential clients, creating a website and figuring out a strategy to get clients is making me feel like I’m (finally) taking control of this whole unemployment thing. Hopefully I’ll actually generate some work for myself. Because I’m slowly sliding down the slippery slope of not looking for work. For instance, it’s Friday afternoon. I tell myself there’s no point in trying to get in touch with anyone for either a networking interview or as a prospective client, you know, because it’s Friday. This same branch of logic I use to rationalize watching last night’s Daily Show in the middle of the day. The Daily Show talks about current events. It’s important for me to be up on current events. Therefore it’s important for me to watch The Daily Show. In my mind, it even counts as work.


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1 Response to A Back-up to the Back-up Plan

  1. Rebecca Shrum says:

    The Daily Show totally counts!!

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