Getting a little too comfortable with the status quo

Somehow I’ve gone from being anxious about being out of work to having to remind myself that I have to actually have to put some effort into finding a new job.

I’ve had a couple more interviews, but still very early stage screening interviews, so it’s not like I can assume I have a job in the bag. I heard back today from the place where before Christmas I had been told I was a finalist for a job. The update is that I’m still being considered for the job, but they are re-opening their search. Which to me says that I am in fact not being considered for the job, or at any rate I am not their first choice. I’m pretty sure that’s not just semantics on my part. And yet, I just cannot get worked up about that.

Not that I want to be living life on the edge of a breakdown (speaking somewhat hypothetically or perhaps talking about last Tuesday), but I think I should be a little more motivated and possibly not getting so used to (and enjoying) all the perks of not having to get up and leave the house to go to work every day. I keep trying to remind myself of advice I got from my friend Janet, who was out of work for a very long time a couple of years ago, when I was first laid off: Don’t get too used to the time off; just enjoy it. I’m having a little trouble finding the balance in those words of wisdom!

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