Break’s Over

Well, kind of. Amy Inc. was closed last week for the holiday. But then yesterday I started to panic, so I spent a little time making lists and thinking about writing cover letters. Today is shaping up to be more of the same. I’m going to count it as being productive.

I’m closing in on three months of unemployment. Time sure does fly when you’re…I have no idea how to account for those months. My friend Joy is on a Habit for Humanity trip in Thailand right now. About six months ago when she was planning it, she asked another friend and I to join her for a week of exploring before the work part of her trip started. I said no, because at the time I had no vacation days left. Now of course, I have nothing but time (which is also why I guess I’m glad I’m not spending the money on an overseas trip). But I feel like I’m squandering this time. So far the only thing I’ve really used it for is to schedule trips to Costco at uncrowded times. Not that being able to run errands when no one else is isn’t a perk, but I don’t feel like I’m really taking full advantage of having the time off!

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