‘Tis the Season

It really doesn’t pay to be up and at ’em early. I left the house a little after 9 this morning to run some errands, one of which was going to the post office. But I discovered that the post office in my town doesn’t open until 10 am. Of course being the USPS, there were two other post offices each within three miles that were already open. So basically I drove around until 10 am to go to a different post office.

I’m having people over Saturday night for a little holiday cheer. You would think with all the time I have, I’d be totally ready for that. But I think we’ve established what a poor time manager I’ve turned into and what a sub-par housekeeper I’ve always been. I mentioned to a friend that I was tempted to not bother picking up, because I think it would be funny to see what everyone’s reaction would be. Even though the house was at the point where I was worried the health department was going to come shut me down. She said she thought people wouldn’t notice as long as they had somewhere to set down their drinks.  So I am in the process of picking up.

I’m not positive, but it appears that I haven’t discarded a single piece of mail or any other paper for that matter, in quite a while. There’s this author, Gretchen Rubin, who I like to refer to as my guru. She has a whole manifesto that you should really check out. But specifically she has this “One-Minute Rule” which says to do any chore that takes less than one minute, like going through your mail. Anyway, as with most things she says, there’s a lot of logic and common sense to that. If only I’d remember that more often!

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