Timing is Everything

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. All my energy has been focused on keeping warm. That’s really only a slight exaggeration.

I’ve been complaining since I got laid off about people constantly telling me that this is a terrible time of year to look for a job. Well, I am officially on board with that line of thinking. I had a third interview today, and when I asked about their timeline they said they’d get back to me the first week in January. *sigh*

I was whining about this to my career counselor when I saw her on Monday. Her suggestion was for me to take the rest of the year off from job hunting. Which I guess makes sense, since no potential employers seem focused on hiring me right now and everyone I’ve tried to schedule a networking or informational interview with has put me off until January. But on the other hand, it doesn’t really feel like I’ve been working at this hard enough to merit a two week vacation. And on that note I’m off to spend the afternoon baking cookies…

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