A Short List of Accomplishments

I used the broiler in my over for the first time today. Eight and a half years I’ve lived in this house without using the broiler. Mostly because it was in disgusting condition. But today seemed like the perfect day to spend too much time cleaning something no one else will ever see. Plus, I wanted to make this roasted eggplant dip for a party I’m going to tonight, and I needed to broil the eggplant. I might start broiling everything. Just because I can.

I’ve been kind of productive today all around. I got my snow tires put on my car this morning, which required me to set an alarm in order to be at the shop first thing. So that counts as two accomplishments. And I got the tires on ahead of the snow predicted for later this weekend, so I’m counting that as another one. Granted, this is definitely the latest I’ve ever waited to change my tires. But my car inspection is due this month, and I certainly didn’t want to do that a month early. You know, because this way, if I keep the car for more than 12 years I will have saved the $35 annual inspection fee. Or I just like to procrastinate.

I had an interview with a recruiter at a local employment agency this morning. She seemed to think I am employable, and that they do sometimes get requests for applicants with my skill set. But then she went on about how the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is always their slowest. I know this is just how it is, and that people (probably) think they’re being helpful by pointing it out. But I’m so tired of hearing this. It’s making me wish December were over already, and I like December!

My biggest accomplishment for today is that I learned via online quiz that the “Friends” character I am is Rachel. (Thanks LB!)

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