Where does the time go?

Today was another one of those days were I feel like I’ve been busy all day, but I don’t really have much to show for my time! I run with a friend on Tuesdays, so I did that this morning, and then I met with the career counselor. Went to Costco and ran a couple of errands. I was home by 2, and now somehow it’s 4:30. I did call a few temp agencies. My new strategy is to look for some long-term temps jobs. I’m thinking if someone is going on medical leave or maternity leave or whatever, I could fill in there. I have no idea if in actuality that’s something many companies do.

I also cleaned out my email inbox. So that’s something. I’m worried about one of my email doppelgangers. I get emails for three people who have the same first initial and last name as I do who sometimes forget to add that extra letter or number or whatever it is that makes their address different from mine. The one I’m concerned about is a doctor in Upstate New York, who is also an avid outdoorsman, judging from the emails from Cabela’s and other sporting goods stores. Usually I just get spam addressed to him. On any given day, about 20% of the emails in my spam folder are for him. But in the past week I’ve been getting emails asking if I (he) needs help with his tax debt. Weirdly these end up in my primary inbox.

I also get mail for a younger girl, Angela, who lives here in Burlington. Most of the email I get for her is from her family and friends. Sometimes I let them know that she’s not seeing the emails. A few months back when her siblings were planning a party for her mom’s birthday, I let them know they had the wrong address. And I did that again last week when someone sent some pictures she needed Angela to print out for some school project. The majority of the wrongly addressed emails I get are for Angela. As a result I know a lot about her life. She’s a Blackberry user. She shops at those stores in the mall that make me feel old every time I walk past them. She’s also looking to buy a house, but not so seriously that she’s noticed that her real estate agent sends me the listings.

There’s also a girl who lives in Springfield, Missouri who shares both of my names. And yet she’s the one I get the least amount of emails for. She used my email to register for a Turkey Trot, which was a little confusing to me, since I also run a Turkey Trot. She recently got engaged, and used my email at a wedding planning event. If anyone needs the name of a good wedding photographer in Springfield, MO, let me know. But if you’re looking for help with tax debt or avoiding bankruptcy, I don’t really want to know that.

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