I like the idea of a job

But not so much the reality.

I wanted a part-time job, because I really felt like I needed something to structure my days and weeks around. So I got a part-time job. And now I’m annoyed at having to schedule around it! I I keep having to remind myself that it’s only for about six weeks (it’s a seasonal job). It’s not that it’s hard. It is after all just answering the phone and taking catalog orders and most of the callers are elderly ladies (I feel like it’s redundant to point this out: they are all very nice). And truthfully, one week in, I can see that I’m being more productive because I no longer have limitless time. Apparently I’m just crazy!

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1 Response to I like the idea of a job

  1. Rach says:

    Ever heard “If you need something done, give it to a busy man”? I always liked that one.

    Wonder if any are still dialing up on rotary phones.

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