Life Transformation Update

I’ve skipped a few weeks of these. There’s not really much change!

In case you don’t remember what my four big goals are, here’s a refresher: 1) find a job; 2) Clean and organize my house; 3) Get in the best shape of my life; 4) Cook more.

Let’s work from the bottom, since #4 I have in fact been cooking and baking up a storm. I find when I have the time, I really enjoy cooking. And if I have to make a special trip to the grocery store for one ingredient, so what. Because, again, I have the time. I did exercise more last week than I had in the previous couple of weeks, so I’m giving myself a check mark on that one. I’m just requiring that I make some effort to move towards the goals (I know, but I have to set the bar low or there won’t be any progress). I’m finding I’m even less motivated to clean than I am to look for a job. I have this lengthy list of all these little house projects I just never get around to. I was sure I would tackle one every single day. Ha. My house is in fact cleaner on an ongoing basis than it is when I’m working full-time. But since that’s really not saying much at all, I can’t in good conscience give myself a check mark. Even with my generous grading system.

The big news for #1: I have a phone interview tomorrow for a job I think I’d really like, which I’m trying not to get too excited about. In addition I managed to set up two informational networking interviews. It’s possible I’m meeting with my career counselor tomorrow and felt pressured to have something to report. But whatever!

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