Slinging Hash

I’ve been thinking lately about all the jobs I’ve had in my life. There’s quite the range. Lots of food service in my younger years. Stints temping here and there. A series of one-year jobs in my 20s. I worked for a couple of non-profits. I worked for a bank. My first post-babysitting job was at Hardee’s (for my Yankee friends, that’s a fast food restaurant) the summer I was 16 or 17. The things that stand out most in my memory of that job are the fact that I worked the 6:30 am to 2:20 pm shift — served lots of gravy biscuits! I can’t believe I got up that early for that job. Especially at that age. Although, I’m guessing I probably went home and took a nap every day that I worked. The other thing I remember is that I made something like $.50 an hour more than minimum wage. I just looked it up, and minimum wage in 1987 was $3.35. Huh. Seventeen-year-old me felt like she was rolling in the money!


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