Back to Reality

I had a great time in Boston. And not just because I got to forget about my little issue of not having a job for a few days. I saw a few old friends, including one from college, and I spent an afternoon with one of my aunts. Just a lot of nice catching up with people I don’t see nearly often enough. And then some fun things like watching the Red Sox win the World Series in a bar where people reacted to every play as though we were at Fenway watching and not staring at TVs.

I came back to VT yesterday. Mostly because I started my new temp gig today. This week I have 40 hours of training for a job I’m going to have for six weeks. I mean, it’s admirable that customer service is so important (my job is with a mail order catalog’s call center), but seriously?!

It was weird to be back at work. I had to set my alarm and leave my house shortly after 8! It’s hard to believe that used to be a daily occurrence. Or the leaving shortly after 8 was at least a daily goal. I think it’s safe to say after one day of training that I’m not going to love this job. It kind of made me hate my life. I keep telling myself that I wanted (needed) something to schedule my week around. And it’ll be nice to have a little extra cash and not constantly worry about what happens if I’m still unemployed eight months from now. Plus it really is only for six weeks. I’ve certainly had jobs I liked less for longer!

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