Change of Venue

I’m down in Boston for the rest of the week. Cambridge to be exact. I always refer to this entire part of the state as Boston. I had plans to come for just the weekend, and my friend I’m visiting said why didn’t I stay longer. So I did! Just being out of my house feels better. I’ve had more days than I’ll admit recently where I haven’t left the house all day. The trick will be whether a change of scenery makes me more productive.

I can already tell that’s going to be a challenge, since despite getting an early start today (I even set my alarm – for the first time since getting laid off), I did no job hunting related activities. I did meet a friend I hadn’t seen in ages for lunch, which was great. Tomorrow I’m going to visit my aunt who lives about 45 minutes from here. Friday I should be able to buckle down, since I’m not meeting anyone until mid-afternoon! It’s nice to take advantage of being unemployed. Beyond just sleeping late. But I keep hearing the voice of my friend Janet (who was laid off and out of work for a very long time) in my head telling me it’s all about enjoying the time off, but not getting too used to it!

Since no one gave me a ticket to tonight’s game, we’re off to find a seat somewhere to watch it. Go Sox!

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