And yet I’d probably miss that deadline

I’ve apparently lost all ability to manage my time. I used to consider myself a punctual person. But now, despite the fact that I have very few demands on my time, I can’t seem to make it anywhere on time.

I’m pleased to report that I am actually looking for a job. And not just thinking about it, or possibly even talking about it or feeling bad that I’m not doing it. I’ve rewritten and reformatted and revised my resume beyond belief. And corrected the many typos. (Thanks for nothing spell check. And I had misspelled my town in my address!) Then I spent a crazy amount of time crafting the (hopefully) perfect cover letter, finally finishing it this morning. And I actually sent it out. So yay me! Forget that it took me 2 weeks to do that…

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1 Response to And yet I’d probably miss that deadline

  1. ujones says:

    Awesome blog, Amy! I know I’ll enjoy reading these. Nice job making progress on your goals and revamping the resume. That is no small task. P.S. Happy to loan you Finn for a few days if you need help in the mouse department.

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