Today’s “challenge”

I’m feeling like I must have done something to really piss off the universe.

I’m pretty sure that I have a mouse (I refuse to accept that it’s unlikely I have just the one) living in my kitchen. There’s a small gap between the cabinet the kitchen sink is in and the flooring. VERY small. In retrospect I had noticed that the cat (I know, you’d think that would mean no mice) has been hanging out in front of that space for the past week or so. I had looked under there, but all I saw is some pipes to the sink and a lot of dust. I even vacuumed around in there the other day.

I had some Hershey’s kisses out on the kitchen counter. Yesterday morning one of them was on the floor, but I just figured I had dropped it. Then last night during the night, the cat heard something and scrambled off the bed and bolted for the kitchen. Despite dreading what I might find, I did get up (I wasn’t convinced that whatever it was wouldn’t come find me in the bedroom). I heard sounds that seemed to be coming from the dishwasher, so I closed and locked it. It was 2 am. I figured whatever it was wouldn’t do much damage in there, and in theory I would be better able to deal with it in the light of day. I did stick the kisses in the fridge. This morning when I opened the dishwasher there was a kiss right there. But no creatures. I asked around, and it’s not uncommon for mice to go after chocolate. Not that I blame them, but I would rather they find their chocolate somewhere else. So now I have a trap to put out tonight. Super excited about that whole thing.

Needless to say what with some internet research, talking on the phone and a trip to Lowes, not much was done on the job hunting front.

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