Should have stayed on the couch

I had decided that today was going to be my last day to wallow. I’m starting to get on my own nerves.

It’s a beautiful day here again, and even though all I wanted to do was lie on the couch and watch bad TV while reading bad mystery novels, I told myself I should take advantage of this spell of incredibly perfect fall weather we’re having. So I went out to do some yard work.

I was just finishing up and thinking about how tidy my yard looks and how nice it is that I still have some flowers blooming, since we haven’t had a frost yet. And just generally admiring my yard (it’s not really that nice; the weather just makes it seem like it is). Then I feel something sting me on my back and then sting me again. I wanted to rip my shirt off, but I was in the middle of my front yard and I think my neighbors think I’m crazy already. I dropped everything, and raced to the house swearing loudly (I know. That’s not any more impressive than stripping in the yard). Then because I was in a tangle of ear buds and t-shirt I let the stupid wasp/bee, which was somehow still alive, fly away. I’m sure it’s lurking somewhere waiting to attack me again when I least expect it. *sigh*

I did discover that anger acts as a pain suppressor.

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